Envoi Receiver 2

Secondary Wireless Receiver for Denon Envoi Loudspeaker
(Discontinued Product)

The Envoi Receiver 2 is a secondary wireless mic receiver for the Denon Professional Envoi powered loudspeaker. The Receiver 2 allows an additional handheld wireless mic (Envoi Mic, sold separately) to be used, for a total of 2 handheld wireless mic units. Alternatively, Receiver 2 can be used with the Envoi HL Transmitter (also sold separately) providing simultaneous use of both a handheld wireless mic and either a head set or lavalier mic.

Receiver 2 is easily installed and all necessary hardware and instructions are included. With 16 user-selectable channels, adjustable volume and mute and pair/signal status LEDs, it's an affordable and convenient upgrade for users wanting to employ two wireless mics at the same time.

The Envoi Receiver 2 may also be used with the Marantz Professional Voice Rover.

  • Add a second wireless mic to any Envoi or Voice Rover loudspeaker
  • Easily pairs to the headset/lavalier transmitter or a second wireless handheld mic
  • UHF frequency agile, 16 user-selected channels
  • Easy installation with all hardware and instructions included
  • Audio/Performance Specification
    • Receiver Sensitivity: <15 dBu
    • Receiver Frequencies: EU/UK 863–865 MHz; US 584–608 MHz
    • Audio Output Level: 250 mV ±10mV

  • General
    • Dimensions: 3.6” x 2.6” x 0.06” (91 x 66 x 1.6mm)

  • Envoi Receiver 2 Unit
  • (2) Screws
  • User Guide
  • Safety and Warranty Manual