Network Audio/Visual Player
(Discontinued Product)

The Denon Professional DN-V755 Network Audio Visual Player is honest-to-goodness bona-fide revolutionary. Older systems required specialized software for configuration and control. That meant all your media had to be in the right place at the right time, in the right format, and your staff programmer had to be there with it every time you wanted to update your message. If any of those elements were out of place-thanks, and we'll try again on Monday. With the DN-V755, connect it to a LAN and you're off to the races. There's no software to install or schedule the DN-755 and it can be accessed with any web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. When you connect, it behaves like a website, and adding media is as easy as dragging-and-dropping. Think about that-you can control your message from anywhere in the world.

  • All software is built-in, and accessible over the network from any web-enabled computer
  • Automatic IP search (DHCP, APIPA)
  • 40 GB internal hard drive
  • Plays hours of DVD quality video
  • Plays MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video
  • Plays JPEG images
  • Plays WAV, .MP3 or .MP2 audio at a variety of quality levels
  • Parallel remote control (Switch closure on 15-pin D-Sub)
  • Serial control (RS-232C on 9-pin D-Sub)
  • Ethernet control (LAN/RJ-45)
  • Real-time clock for scripted/automated playback of A/V files
  • S-Video and Composite (RCA) video outputs
  • Unbalanced (RCA) stereo audio outputs
  • Generates play-logs for proof of performance