8-Channel/ 2-Bus Tabletop Mixer
(Discontinued Product)

Professional Mixing Features

Crafted with public speaking, conferences, and performing arts venues in mind, the 8—channel DN—408X offers the utmost capability in a compact, 2—bus portable tabletop format.

With flexible routing options and a multitude of onboard DSP tools, this mixer surpasses the demands of virtually any environment that calls for switching and mixing audio sources. It features five balanced XLR inputs with switchable +48v phantom power, 3—band EQ for additional tonal shaping, two aux sends per—channel for external effects and monitoring, and a 9—band graphic EQ for main or monitor outputs. A headphone jack with an independent level control enables additional monitoring and mixing. 60mm faders with LED meters provide precise control and visual feedback for accurate, hands—on mixing.

With its superb performance, rugged, high—quality construction and diverse connectivity options, the Denon DN—408X epitomizes Denon Professional’s commitment to you—the professional user.

Analog Compression and Superior Sound Quality

The Denon DN—408X offers high—fidelity sound and high—quality DSP tools in a single compact package. Each microphone channel is outfitted with an ultra—low—noise DyNamic Audio (DNA) microphone preamp with generous input signal headroom for unprecedented sound quality and a robust audio signal path. The high headroom of these preamps results in cleaner mixes, a purer signal path, and detailed, articulate audio that easily makes itself heard, even through a high environmental noise floor. Onboard analog compression (channels 1—2) helps to control dynamics and automatically tame unpredictable audio level surges for a cohesive, well—defined mix. With high headroom, pristine sound, and built—in dynamic control, the Denon DN—408X ensures that the full dynamic range of your mix comes across with impressive clarity.

USB Audio Interface

The on—board USB connection means you can upload your mix directly onto a Mac or PC. The built—in USB port also gives engineers, producers, and performers the ability to convert two channels of 24—bit audio into audio files on their computer. Recording live performances, theater performances, speaking events, and any other live sound event directly onto your computer for additional editing, mixing, and post—production is straightforward and intuitive. The USB connection is bi—directional, enabling sound files stored on your computer to be streamed to and played through either mixer.

100 High—Quality Studio—Grade DSP Effects

The Denon DN—408X comes equipped with 100 premium 24—bit studio—grade effects built—in, providing you with a wide range of additional creative control in any mixing environment. Options include room and delays, small and large hall acoustics, plate and spring reverbs, flangers, choruses, and more. The net benefit of the built—in effects is that it “lightens the payload,” so to speak, by making a cumbersome and inconvenient separate effects rack unnecessary.

Color—coded Interface

Live sound environments are often poorly lit, meaning you have to put up with inefficient, restricted visibility. Denon solves this problem by color coding each section of the mixer and providing brightly colored knobs for fast, foolproof access. Blue, green, red, yellow and white pots are easily identified in low lighting conditions. LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power ensure that you have multiple visual cues to accurately reflect the actual acoustic output. Additionally, the Denon DN—408X’s USB port will power a readily—available external LED lamp (sold separately) for even better visibility.

  • 5 XLR inputs with Denon Professional microphone preamps
  • Dynamic compression (Channels 1-2)
  • 3-band EQ plus 2 aux sends per channel
  • 60mm faders with mute switch and LED
  • USB audio connectivity with level control
  • 100 studio-grade digital effects
  • Balanced XLR, balanced/unbalanced 1/4” outputs
  • 9-band graphic EQ for main or monitor outputs
  • Headphone out with independent level control
  • USB jack to power lamps or charge mobile devices
  • Mono Input Channels
  • Electronically balanced, discrete input configuration Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0.5 dB THD+N: <0.005% at 0 dBu, 1 kHz Gain range: 0 dB to 45 dB (Mic)SNR: 105 dB
  • Line Inputs
  • Electronically balanced Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0.25 dB THD+N: <0.005% at 0 dBu, 1 kHz Sensitivity range: -15 dBu to 30 dBu
  • Impedances
  • High-shelving: ±15 dB @ 12 kHzMid-bell (mono): ±15 dB @ 2.5 kHz Low-shelving: ±15 dB @ 80 Hz Main EQ: 9 EQ bands (63 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz,8 kHz, 16 kHz), ±15 dB
  • DSP Section (DFX)
  • A/D & D/A converters: 24-bit DSP Resolution: 24-bit Effects: 10 DSP effects families with 10 variations available per family Presets: 100 total Controls: Rotary encoder to select preset, DSP mute switch, peak LED indicator
  • Main Mix
  • Noise (bus noise):Fader 0 dB, channels muted: -102 dBr (ref: +4 dBu) Fader 0 dB, all input channels assigned & set to unity gain: -91 dBr (ref: +4 dBu) Phantom Power: Mic Pin2/Pin3 and Pin1 47±2V
  • Power Supply
  • Main voltage:USA/Canada: 100-120 VAC ~60 Hz UK/Australia: 240 VAC ~50 Hz Europe: 210-240 VAC ~50 HzPower consumption: 45 WFuse: 1.25 A Main connection: Standard IEC receptacle
  • Dimensions(width x depth x height)
  • 12.0" x 13.6" x 3.1"305 mm x 346 mm x 80 mm
  • Weight
  • 7.7 lbs.3.5 kg