Denon Professional DN-508A - Frequently Asked Questions

DenonPro DN 508A main1The Denon Professional DN-508A is an 8-channel zone amplifier perfect for commercial applications such as background music, paging, multi-zone entertainment, etc. It features eight channels of efficient, cool-running Class D amplification. This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions about the Denon professional DN-508A.


Frequently Asked Questions



What does the DN-508A come with? 

Inside the box, you will find the following:

  1. DN-508A Amplifier
  2. (8) 4*pin Euroblock connectors
  3. (8) 3-pin Euroblock connectors
  4. IEC (power cable)
  5. User Guide
  6. Safety & Warranty manual

What is a Euroblock connector?

It is a type of terminal connector that features an interlocking male and female style connector. They often carry similar signals, as an XLR or TRS connector. It is mostly used in professional installations. 


What is the output of each channel?

The output power for each of the 8 channels is, 55W RMS. (4 OHM load) 


What is the Signal-to-Noise ratio?

The Signal-to-Noise ratio is as follows:

  • 1W: > 70 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB, A-weighted)
  • 55W: > 90 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB, A-weighted) 


What is the range of the Volume Controls?

The range of the Volume Controls on each of the 8 channels are from, -13dBm to +26dBm. 


What are the dimensions of the DN-508A?

The dimensions of the Denon Professional DN-508A are as follows: (WDH) 19.0" x 16.3" x 3.5" (483 x 415 x 88mm) 

 19.0" wide x 16.3" depth x 3.5" height  (483 x 415 x 88mm) 


How heavy is the DN-508A Amplifier?

The Denon Professional DN-508A Amplifier weighs in at 41.2 pounds. (18.7kg) 


What are the connectors on the DN-508A?

The connectors on the Denon Professional DN-508A are as follow:

  • (8) Euroblock Outputs (com, 4 ohms, 70V, 100V)
  • (8) Euroblock Inputs (ground, -,+)
  • IEC power inlet


How do you control each zone level?

Each zone has an individual level control on the face of the Amplifier, for easy leveling of all the zones.


What do the different color lights of the Active/Peak indicate?

  • Blue: The input is receiving a signal at an optimal level.
  • Red: The input’s signal is “peaking” (higher than 0 dB). Turn its Level knob
    counterclockwise or reduce the volume of the source to prevent “clipping” (distortion). 


Why does the cooling fan slow down?

The speed of the fan automatically adjusts to cool down the Denon Professional DN-508A. Do not block this vent or it may cause damage the DN-508A.


Further Technical Support 

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Denon Professional product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Denon Professional technical support team is available to help! Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: phone support, email support.